Attention Pet Owners! Help Your Pet Get Back The Energy They Had As A Puppy Or Kitten After You...
Discover What You Need To Know About "Rebooting" And
Restoring Your Pet's Health...
When you have a pet, they become another member of the family...which means their health is of the utmost importance.

You can't run around and play if you aren't feeling well! 

Hello! I'm Dr. Gary Richter. You probably don't know me, but I'm an award-winning veterinarian with a lifelong passion for supporting pets in leading healthy and happy lives. You can visit my practice in Oakland, California, which I founded in 2009. I've worked with thousands of pets in my career and appeared on NBC, ABC, CNN, PBS and other networks to share my expert pet care secrets. 

Before patients see me for the first time, they are often being fed kibble and canned foods. 

Did you know that the latest research shows that 1 in 2 dogs will get cancer? And that highly processed food and kibble is the leading cause? 

Also, some pets may be allergic to certain food additives AND they cannot tell you if they are having a reaction. 

Most people are unaware that the nutritional value is lost during the industrialized kibble and canned food process; it's basically junk food. Even the fanciest or most natural brands are still negatively affecting their pet's system. 

It makes my heart sick to see patients like Drake, a dog with cancer whose owner had been told that the only solution was hardcore drugs or surgery. What's even worse is when they're told that nothing can be done and their days are numbered. 

I know this is not true. Especially not in today's world. When you combine traditional medicine with modern medical techniques, bolstered by good nutrition, the pet's body can produce miracles in recovery. 

My practice has seen it. Repeatedly. 

In fact, through an integrated treatment plan, Drake was completely cancer free after 4 months. Without ANY chemotherapy. 

When I wrote the Ultimate Pet Health Guide in 2015, sharing breakthrough nutrition and care treatments for cats and dogs, my hope was to impact more pet owners beyond my own practice's reach. The success of the book surprised even me, becoming an international best seller almost instantly. Apparently, there was more of a demand for this information than we expected!  

Recently, I decided to take the best and most important topics from the book and turn them into an official video training series (a deeper expansion), for a limited time offer of ONLY $47. 

In exactly 141 minutes, (the time it takes you watch a decent length movie), you'll discover key concepts and cutting edge techniques for better pet health, well-being and longevity. 

For just $47, Here's some of what you're going to learn: 
  •  How Louis the cat completely resolved his skin allergies with a nutritional change 
  •  What makes this approach to diet change work for even the most finicky pets 
  •  The key to navigating the often confusing world of pet supplements with confidence 
  •  How to decode the complex food-as-medicine concept in a way that the average person can understand and use
  •  Specific modern technologies which improve pet health from the ground up 
  •  The most common, pervasive problem that pets and their owners have to deal with and how to overcome it 
  •  The most effective way to treat degenerative joint disease, aka arthritis  
  •  How to solve urinary tract infections that can lead to difficulty urinating, pain and blood in the urine 
  •  Why any gastrointestinal tract issues with a pet can severely debilitate their immune system 
  •  How to treat mild to potentially life-threatening pancreatic disease based on its severity  
  •  What you must do to treat the most common form of canine diabetes 
  •  What kinds of insight into the various forms of pet heart disease you can gain from an electrocardiogram        
  •  The most common toxic dangers that pose a threat to a pet’s tiny liver  
  •  Why poor kidney function can lead to irreversible damage to a pet's renal system  
  •  The mechanisms of pet cancer, its diagnosis and available treatments
  •  About the two types of adrenal disease and how to deal with both
  •  How to restore balance to the body and fight autoimmune disease with common treatments 
... And so much more!

You can GET INSTANT ACCESS to these videos for less than the cost of dinner at a nice restaurant. 

I'm 100% sure you'll love it. In fact, I'm so confident about this that if you don't love it, just let me know. I'll give you back all your money, and you can still keep the videos as my gift.  

So the worst case scenario is you get free videos. 

The best case scenario is that you are empowered to support your pet in living a long, happy, and healthy life.
Don't Take My Word For It...
Listen to Daniel's Story
"I feel really lucky to have watched Dr. Richter's videos. I picked up so much information to help my cat, Una. We thought we were giving her the best nutrition, higher quality, less fillers. Turns out it's not. We should be feeding her fresh food, whole food, natural foods. Our cat is very dear to my wife and I. She's getting older and is overweight, and cutting back her current food is not going to help... you can bet things are going to change now that we have this knowledge and information."
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Watch My Videos, and You Will Improve Their Lives!
  •  Learn Cutting Edge Techniques For Better Pet Health.
  •  Over 140 Minutes Of Actionable Insight.
  •  Instant Access For Life.
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Dr. Gary Richter, DVM
Dr. Gary Richter
P.S. Today, for only $47, you'll get immediate access to over two and a half hours of my expert insight in video format, so you can get started right away. And if you don't feel that it was worth your money, just let me know and I'll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

P.P.S. You do NOT need my book to take advantage of this $47 special video training. However, if you'd like to get a copy of my best-selling book: THE Ultimate Pet Health Guide, you can order it right through Amazon and have it delivered right to your door by clicking here: Pet Health Guide

In case this is our first time meeting, you might be interested to know I'm certified in veterinary acupuncture and chiropractic, and have published numerous articles on the benefits of complementary and integrative health-care options for pets. My holistic animal hospital in California has received more than 30 local and national awards, including Best Veterinary Hospital, Best Veterinarian, Best Canine Therapy Facility, and Best Alternative Medicine Provider. Petplan named me one of the top 10 veterinarians in the United States in 2011. In other words, you can absolutely trust everything I'm going to teach you :-)
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